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Renal failure in cats

Kidney failure is the main cause of death in adult (over 8 years) cats. The kidneys of carnivorous animals “wear out“ quickly. It is believed that the reason for this is the high percentage of proteins in their food. The waste products of protein metabolism are toxic. Healthy kidneys easily clean the body by filtering the blood. The damaged kidneys of many of the adult cats fail to remove the toxic waste and accumulating, they cause chronic poisoning. Cats become sleepy, lethargic, lose their appetite, their fur looks dry and lacks shine, a lot of hair falls out.

Kidney damage is accompanied by many other harmful effects - increased blood pressure, anemia, loss of nutrients with urine (proteins, minerals, etc.), dehydration, vomiting.

In the first stages of the disease, treatment can be successful and add years to the cat's life. Chronically ill cats usually have multiple disabilities and, even with the best efforts of their owners and veterinarians, live only a few weeks or months.

There are simple testing methods that can detect kidney disease cats early. The most easily feasible are the clinical examination, the examination of blood and urine, ultrasound of the excretory system, measurement of blood pressure. All of them can be performed in Novet veterinary clinics. We recommend routine blood tests after the 6th year for timely detection of starting problems.

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