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Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 19:00
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

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We offer a wide range of veterinary services for your pets:

  • Comprehensive detailed examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Image diagnostics
  • Laboratory tests
  • Veterinary dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Help with behavioral problems
  • and many more!

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We have many years of experience (working since 1998!) with small and large animals and pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, porcupines, hamsters, guinea pigs and all kinds of rodents, exotic birds, turtles, iguanas and others reptiles and many more!

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Concerned pet owners always have many questions. Below are some of the most common questions that have a short and generally valid answer, although of course in specific cases there may be nuances and a need for clarification:

  • What and how often should I feed my dog or kitten?
  • When should the first vaccination be given to a dog and a kitten?
  • How often is revaccination done?
  • How often should I deworm my dog or my cat?
  • What is the normal temperature of the dog, cat and rabbit?
  • What should we know when getting a first pet?

While we prepare short articles with answers to these questions, you can find more complete information in the section For the owners ➝

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When does our pet need emergency care? If your pet:

  • experienced trauma from a fall or impact
  • has seizures or fainting
  • has a problematic birth
  • has heavy bleeding
  • cannot urinate
  • has difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
  • cant't stop throwing up
  • has persistent diarrhea
  • has swallowed a foreign body

Seek emergency veterinary care immediately!

Temporary emergency care is only available during clinic hours.

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We are lucky that every day we have the opportunity to help animals and pets that need help. And we are happy when their owners share with us how it made them happy. Here's what some of them say:

Ivan Ivanov photo

I want to say a huge thank you to Novet Veterinary Clinic for the way they took care of my rabbit Roxy. Now she has recovered and is in much better condition.

— Ivan Ivanov

Maria Atkins photo

Words are not enough to thank the Novet Veterinary Clinic team. Yesterday morning I found an injured kitten in front of our building, limping, covered in fleas and very scared. I rushed him to the clinic. The love and care they gave this baby while fighting for her life is something I cannot easily describe. It didn't matter to them that she was a stray kitten — they gave her the same attention they would give anyone's pet.

— Maria Atkins

Iliyana Ivanova photo

Amazing doctors with big hearts. They saved my dog. A huge thank you!

— Iliyana Ivanova

We believe it is extremely important for owners to be well informed about the care they need to take for their pets. For the needs they have in everyday life and for the therapy needed in certain conditions.

Should I castrate my dog / my cat?

Castration is an operation with the smallest risks for the animal's health. Side effects are minimal and castration has long been established as an early routine procedure in all countries with well-developed veterinary medicine.

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Anti-craving pills - DO NOT give them if you love your pet

Hormonal tablets for dogs and cats have been sold on the market for years. The most common are Nonestron and Nonovulin, containing megestrol acetate. Anti-craving pills are dangerous drugs with serious side effects that are scarcely described.

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Renal failure in cats

Kidney failure is a major cause of death in adult (over 8 years) cats. The kidneys of carnivorous animals “wear out“ quickly. It is believed that the reason for this is the high percentage of proteins in their food.

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How to teach a dog hygiene habits

Teaching your dog hygiene habits is, in theory, very easy. The key is to prevent whites in the house and provide only one alternative — outside. By nature, the dog forms habits easily and soon learns that there is no better place to pee and poop than outside.

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Pregnancy and birth in the dog and cat

The duration of pregnancy in the dog and cat averages 60 days, but the difficulty in accurately determining the time of ovulation, multiple fertilizations and the variable duration of estrus make it difficult to determine the date of birth.

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Dental plaque in dogs and cats

Dental plaque is a hard plaque that adheres to the teeth and forms slowly as a result of the mineralization of food residues in the oral cavity. The bacteria found there are also involved in this process.

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Our New Home

Welcome to our new clinic Novet — Animals and Us! Specially built according to all the rules, a modern hospital where we welcome you and your beloved pets. View the clinic and see how to find and contact us

Novet – Animals and Us

276, Bulgaria Blvd.

0888 83 83 42

032 96 31 29

Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 19:00
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

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Novet Kamenitsa

Important! Dear friends, branch Novet Kamenitsa (clinic and shop) closed its doors on May 15, 2023 .

Welcome to our new home Novet - Animals and Us at 276 Bulgaria Blvd (Plovdiv), where we are available for you and your pets!

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